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Local anesthesia certification is coming soon to Georgia Dental hygienists.

As of 2019, there are 45 states in the US that allow licensed Dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia. This week, the Georgia Board of Dentistry amended rule 150-,5-.07 allowing licensed dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia in the state of Georgia. The approved amendment is currently awaiting Governor Kemps's signature.

Rule 150-5-.07:

A dental hygienist under the direct supervision of a Georgia licensed dentist may administer local anesthesia for hygiene purposes, including intraoral block, soft tissue infiltration anesthesia, or both to a non-sedated patient that requires local anesthesia for pain management and who is 18 years of age or older if the following criteria are met:

Educational and Practical Experience Requirements:

  1. Graduate of an approved curriculum program.

  2. Dental hygiene anesthesia courses or programs required for dental hygienists licensed in Georgia to qualify to administer local anesthesia:

  3. Shall be taught using lecture and laboratory/clinical formats by a dental education program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association (ADA) or its successor agency, a similar organization approved by the United States Department of Education, or the Board.

  4. The requirements shall include, at a minimum, sixty (60) hours of coursework comprised of thirty (30) didactic hours, fifteen (15) laboratory hours, and fifteen (15) clinical hours which shall include but not be limited to the following:

  5. Theory of pain control,

  6. Selection-of-pain-control modalities,

  7. Anatomy,

  8. Neurophysiology,

  9. Pharmacology of local anesthetics,

  10. Pharmacology of vasoconstrictors,

  11. Psychological aspects of pain control,

  12. Systemic complications,

  13. Techniques of maxillary anesthesia,

  14. Techniques of mandibular anesthesia,

  15. Infection control,

  16. Safety Injection practices, and

  17. Medical emergencies involving local anesthesia.

(iii) Laboratory and clinical instruction shall be provided with a faculty-to-student ratio of no greater than 1:5 under the direct supervision of a dentist licensed in this state. (iv) Courses must be taught to a minimum score of eighty percent (80%) in the parenteral administration of local anesthesia, and successful students shall be awarded a certificate of completion.

As of now the only LA certification that meets the requirements of the GBOD is being offered at the University of Florida in Gainsville, Fl.

Upcoming dates for “Local Anesthesia for Today’s Dental Hygienist Certification Course” are:

December 2-4, 2022

Friday: 1PM-6PM | Didactic Saturday: 8AM – 5PM | Clinical Sunday: 8:30AM – 5PM | Clinical Course# 230006.07 Apply Now

February 10-12, 2023

Friday: 1PM-6PM | Didactic Saturday: 8AM – 5PM | Clinical Sunday: 8:30AM – 5PM | Clinical Course # 230006.04 Register Now

April 14-16, 2023

Friday: 1PM-6PM | Didactic Saturday: 8AM – 5PM | Clinical Sunday: 8:30AM – 5PM | Clinical Course # 230006.05 Register Now

For more information visit this link:

Congrats to GDHA and the GBOD who have worked tirelessly to expand the care available to Georgia citizens.

All information provided is from the GDHA.


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