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Safe Travels.

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Have you traveled during the pandemic? In my experience, it can be done safely by applying our healthcare knowledge.

Like many of you, I love to travel. It's one of my passions, it brings me such joy, knowledge, and peace.

After months of debate and research, I pulled the trigger and took a trip to the Rocky Mountains for my birthday. I may get some blowback from sharing my experience, but oh well. You do you and I will do me.

My husband and I have always preferred to fly with Delta. They have blocked out the middle row on their flights through March of 2021. Delta has HEPA filters installed in their aircraft as well as fresh air flowing from the fans above the seats. We wore N95 masks in the airport and for the duration of our flight. Snacks are served in a brown bag. We held those for after the flight.

At the time of our trip, there was a state-wide mask mandate for Colorado. Each county had its own level of regulations according to its Covid caseload. It was really easy to socially distance since most of our activities were outdoors. All of the restaurants were take out only or outdoor dining only.

Covid precautions taken were:

- Disinfection of commonly touched surfaces on the plane, hotel rooms, and car rental.

- Frequent hand washing or hand sanitizing.

- Utilization of regional Covid exposure notifications.

- Social Distancing.

- Wearing a fabric mask, even when outdoors.

- Multiple Covid tests pre and post-travel.

- N95 masks in the airport and on the flight. We never took them off.

- Flying Delta with blocked middle rows.

- To-Go dining.

- Vitamin regime.

Day 1: Arrived in Denver. Picked up the rental. Drove to Estes Park, Co.

Lake Estes.

Our first night we stayed at the Blue Door Inn, a small independently owned motel with impeccable sanitation procedures. Oh, and they left me the sweetest birthday card and chocolate.

As you can see the wind was quite strong. LOL!

Day 2: My Birthday!! We picked up some breakfast at the Egg of Estes. Absolutely delicious and it provided us the fuel for our trip into Rocky Mountain National Park.

We rented sleds for a daily rate of $6 each at Estes Park Mountain Shop. They will have everything you need for your RMNP adventures. Go early, rentals can be limited if there is fresh snow on the ground.

We drove into RMNP. It was absolutely beautiful!!!!

My prized photo of a mule deer family. My favorite picture of the trip!

Road Conditions were...

We drove up to Hidden Valley. Hidden Vally was at one time a ski resort inside RMNP. They shut it down in 1991 due to it becoming overly popular. The buildings, lift, and materials were used elsewhere in the park. Hidden Valley stands at an elevation of 9,400 feet. It now serves as a snow recreational area for sledding and cross-country skiing. If you are from a lower elevation like me, be advised to hydrate well, rest, and listen to your body. Elevations sickness is no joke. Feel free to purchase a can of O2.

Hidden Valley.

That night we witnessed the last full moon of 2020 known as the Cold Moon. My birthday moon.

How many moons do you see?

On our last night in Estes Park, we stayed at the historic Stanley Hotel. Keep in mind that many amenities were not available due to Covid restrictions. It was a pricey stay that did not meet expectations. We soaked up the history and beauty of the property.

Day 3: We checked out and headed south to Colorado Springs. We rented an Air b&b for the remainder of our trip. While in Colorado Springs we visited the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Garden of the Gods, and Pikes Peak.

Since 1922 the AdAmAn club summits pikes peak to provide an NYE fireworks display like any other. Unfortunately, I did not have a telephoto lens to capture and share this with you all. At a summit of over 14,000 feet, we could barely even hear the booms from the fireworks. On New years day we drove up to Pikes Peak for a beautiful chilly view.

Above the Clouds.

Please be respectful of our public lands. Don't be a douchebag!

Oh and guess what we finally were able to find?


The next day before heading out we grabbed the best breakfast burritos in Colorado Springs from Alfonsos Mexican Food. This massive burrito was under $7. An unbeatable deal!

Once we were back in Denver we took advantage of the last beautiful sunset of our trip. We trekked through a field and waited for the perfect opportunity.

I hope you all enjoyed the photo journey to beautiful Colorado. I look forward to sharing more adventures with you soon.

Have a safe & Happy New Year!!!


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